About Moss Creek Studio

Moss Creek Studio is owned and operated by Robb Moss and is located 30 minutes west of Calgary and 10 minutes south of Bragg Creek Alberta.mosscreek

Moss Creek Studio supports songwriters seeking a stress free recording environment without the intimidation and high cost of many commercial studios.

Moss Creek Studio is ideally suited for beginner and amateur musicians and songwriters wishing to gain experience in the studio and produce a decent demo recording or worktape.

The preferred recording method is referred to as piecemeal. What this means is that the process starts from the bottom up; first recording bed tracks (bass and drums) and a scratch rhythm track (guitar/vocals) and then the remaining instrument tracks, followed by the mixing and mastering process.

The gear is high quality and balanced. There is no logic in using a $10,000 pre-amp with a $50 mic. We use the most recent Pro Tools software and a combination of analog tube and top-line digital processing plug-ins. GEAR LIST

Here is a sample Moss Creek Studio recording of Calgary jazz/blues musician Brent Wright


And Canmore Alberta folk artists, Julia Lynx and Mike Petroff